30 day old one charge faulty sondcore flare

My soundcore flare wont turn on when i plug it in the red light comes on for 5 secthen turns off only turns on when plugged in and the power button pushed between those same 5 secs and when it does tyrn on this way there isno sound

Looking at the manual, it shows that solid red means it is charging. Since yours turn on for 5 seconds only, I would suggest you try different wall outlets, wall charging bricks and cables if possible. If everything fails, email support@soundcore.com

Not sure what else can be done since I don’t own one. Also I should mention that you should keep it speaker plugged in for about 2-3 hours (as long as that red led is on of course)


Have you tried different cables and chargers for charging the Flare?
Have you tried to reset the speaker?