3 question survey on how good Anker is

  1. How reliable is Anker 's products?
  2. Are anker reliable?
  3. How often do you but something on Anker?
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Anker products are incredible reliable and well made. When there are any issues with there products, anker always revolves the issues quickly, and fully. They have a 30 day no questions asked full money return policy. And most products have an 18 month products defect/quality warranty.

I purchase anker products whenever I need something from them, or whenever I have some extra money to spend on something frivolous.

I highly recommend you purchase anker products when you are in need of them.

There cords are considered by those who use them, to be the highest quality cables you can buy. They are always higher quality than the stock cables.

I have experienced this same level of quality on other products I have received and bought from anker.

I hope this helps you make the decision to buy some anker products :grin:

Anker products are very very reliable and a bunch of their product come with great warranties and their customer service is unbeatable. I purchase Anker products whenever I need something or just want to treat myself to some nice tech. Everything they have tends to be reasonably priced. Their cables are amazing truly truly amazing there like nothing beats them in that category ever. The whole company over all is truly great and a pleasure to work and deal with

1+2 are the same question.

I think you meant “buy” not “but”.

They are on average very reliable, and I bought dozens of their products for myself, family, friends, and the failure rate is very low, and on the few occasions I did have a failed unit, I got a good customer support experience with in all cases them sending out a free replacement no postage cost within days once I supplied sufficient evidence it was not PEBKAC.


I think Anker offer very fair prices for quality goods.

Yes you are others who are a lot cheaper, but as I’ve always been taught (and now say as an adult!) You get what you pay for.

If ya buy cheap, you’ll get cheap!

In my experience, Anker products have been pretty reliable, of the dozens I own I’ve only had one die on me.


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1.- No issues so far with any Anker products(Eufy, Anker, Soundcore) I don’t own anything Roav or Nebula.

2.- Quality is nice

3.- I have not bought anything directly from Anker but my sister did. It got delivered by Amazon.

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I’ve always used… Picnic… Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.

But Pebkac is not a real word. So if you search for Pebkac you get exactly to the right definition. Picnic is a real word and probably searching for it comes up with picnics.

But my point is that when an Anker product fails for me, I make reasonable and logical efforts to eliminate causes, how many hundreds of times have we said to check a different USB cable, check a different charger, reboot, reset. So once I eliminated myself and common causes, in 100% of cases Anker acknowledged product fault 1st time.

Since I discovered Anker I stopped using Samsung’s stock cables and stopped buying Aukey cables, now I’m all in for Anker products :+1:


That’s why so many anacronyms have full stops for each letter, so it should (by should I mean up to you!) P.I.C.N.I.C.

Personally, I’ll usually put it in full caps (i find the problem is often PICNIC) but me being me, I don’t do as often as I could (not consistent)… Oops! :crazy_face:

I have never had an anker product fail on me. A battery bank I had left in a closet for also a year and it held a charge. Since anger product last a long time I only get new things when new tech comes out or faster/larger capacity charges.

Like everyone here I own several Anker products and all are working fine. I was worried last week cause I received my Flare two speaker package. Both were DOA, they wouldn’t turn on so I charged them for 3 hours and no issues thereafter. They do sound amazing!

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Never had any problems…
And all those items having been “stolen” by my “old kids” are doing fine.

Thank you Anker for such a good quality.
And whenever an issue show up, the service is extraordinary.

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No they aren’t. Question 1 is about Anker’s products, question 2 is about the company itself (warranty, customer service etc.)

I think youe mamt…

1, how reliable are products from Anker?
2, is Anker a reliable company when it comes to customer service and warranty claims?
3, I don’t get, what you’re asking!

Anker products are very reliable and has one of the best reputations when it comes to not only their products but also their support n any warranty claims.

So long as the product is…
Purchased from an authorized company, is within the 18 month claim period (from purchase date) and has failed during proper use as expected from the product (ie a powerbank doesn’t play sound, a wall charger is not waterproof).

As for your third question, it’s so badly worded I have no idea what you’re asking

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It’s supposed to say

  1. How often to you buy anker products?

I’m sure as most, it’s when you can afford to, no frequency involved.

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