3 lights?

Whenever I double click the on button and hold it, three of the lights turn on and flash a few times. I made sure it has full charge, but the charge does not matter, it always does it. Can anyone explain?

Hi @rkross1105,

May I ask which power bank you owed?

What type of product are you talking about?
I suppose it is a power bank.
To know this would be very useful.
Thank you.

PowerCore 13000

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Why are you double clicking and holding the button?
I have lots of powerbanks, not the 13000 but none required double clicking and holding to turn on. Just connect the cable to your phone or delive and press the button once to turn on if ot doesn’t do it automatically.

I was experimenting with the controls.
I own another charger (not Anker) and it has a flashlight and a quick charge mode. I wanted to know if it meant anything with this one.

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Arrrr right ok! But, does it work as normal if you just press the button once?

I’ll try mine later by pressing more than once and holding too and see if it does the same.

Yeah it works normal. I just wondered of it meant anything. Also, what cord makes it charge faster? Mine takes about 6 hours as of now.

What Phone are you charging?
All the powercores will provide the fastest possible charge the device can handle and all of the PowerLine cables will be compatible.

Some powercores can provide more than one speed of charge so you may need a different PowerCore tomget the best performance.

But, the PowerCore 13000 should charge your device in around 3 hours in most cases if using Anker or quality cables. If you are using a cheapo cable performance will definitely be affected.

I meant to charge the power core

Hahaha any micro usb cable will work to charge it faster but make sure you are charging it with a wall adapter or Anker PowerPort. Charging it from a laptop or usb slot on a tv will result in a slower charge.

Ok. So of I use an iPad charging block with the coble that came with, that will charge faster?

It should charge faster (or the maximum speed possible) which is all you can ask for.

I use to use my iPad charger to do my phone because it was faster before I got my PowerPort 40W

Check your apple block output, some do not output enough power to provide a fast charge for certain devices. It’s best if you can get a wall charger that can output a minimum of 2 amps@5v

Hi @rkross1105,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention via the community.

Sorry to see you are having problems with the LED indicators on your PowerCore 130000mAh battery. Could you please email us via support@anker.com to address this issue with your order information?


So if I got the anker powerport, I could charge it even faster?

It would charge it at its maximum speed, usually a minimum of 2amps at 5v. I was saying that to highlight the charging speed if you at using an Apple iPhone plug for example which only outputs 1A @ 5v which will take twice as long.

An iPad power brick is ok too.
Decent power brick + decent cable = faster charging.