3.0 Docking Status losing USB ports

My docking station has recently started losing USB Ports and now all the ones on the back are not working. it started with one for my headset, and now the camera. devices work in laptop ports. i have more recent drivers and firmware for Anker. Tried rebooting both laptop and docking station. What else might I try?

Have you tried using the docking station with a different port?
Alternatively you can go into your computer settings while the dock is plugged in and do a check to see if any of the ports show a hardware error and if so you can utilize windows to see if it can fix the problem

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Thanks - back to normal. not sure what changed, but all started working again.

Sometimes the errors in a port get so high the speed of the port is downgraded to reduce errors.

Rebooting fixes software issues. To fix hardware issues you have to poweroff fully, then power on.