2nd Gen Robovac 11+: On Sale Again

UPDATE: Robovac 11+ is on sale today for just $200 ($40 off the regular price)!


Learn more about Robovac 11+:

A new product from Eufy has just appeared on Amazon, the Robovac 11+.

This does not appear to offer smart control, but packs includes a new power boost mode. This means it should be able to handle thicker carpets.

The dimensions are roughly the same.

The remote appears similar to the one packaged with the 11C.

You can learn more here.

I’m ready for Robovac 12 already. :joy::joy:


Robovac 11+ on Sale!

If only it was available in Canada!

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Why not have a friend in the states order and ship it to you?

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On sale for $220 today (use coupon on page).

Anker may be rebranding the Power Boost feature to BoostIQ in future versions per new trademark filing.

Still really hope we see a Eufy Robovac with mapping for improved navigation.=

NEW AMAZON LINK: https://amazon.com/dp/B0793JP3MK

Upgraded RoboVac 11+

New and Improved: An upgraded front-bumper streamlines RoboVac’s profile to glide effortlessly under and around furniture while a reinforced suction inlet prevents wear.

On Sale For $220 with Coupon on Amazon listing


2nd Gen RoboVac 11+ Down to $180 via Amazon!

2nd Gen 11+ on sale for $180 (again) via Amazon US ($70 off, rated 4.1 :star:).

Link to listing: https://amazon.com/dp/B0793JP3MK

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