2nd EufyCam doesn’t record and no notifications?

I’ve installed 2 days ago the HomeBase system with 2 EufyCams and the backdoor camera doesn’t record and doesn’t notify.
Both EufyCams are updated to 1.9.3 version and HomeBase And all setup / configs are the same.

When I move passed the Cam Back Door, the leds are blinking white and red, and I tested the motion detection successfully.
I have tried the following:

  • Re-install Cams
  • Re-install HomeBase
  • Re-install the App
  • Update the firmware
  • Read the tips on the Forum

But nothing.

Please help.

Hey @Bobdeleeuw

So sorry to learn about this issue with your second eufycam!

If possible, could you please send us a short video reference to support@eufylife.com? Please also let us know your eufy account and the serial number on your camera device.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

@AnkerSupport - might be worth updating the information on the Apple HomeKit page. Still showing as ‘announced’ now it’s live and out of beta, perhaps showing as implemented would be helpful.

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This is the response of the support department:
Dear Bob de Leeuw,
Thank you for reaching out.
You’ve pretty much covered all of the bases in regards to troubleshooting but there’s one last thing to try.

Go to the Security tab, select home mode. Go to the home mode settings (Pencil or the gear icon). First, make sure record video and notifications are enabled.

If they are, disable them. Hit save. Hit confirm. Go back into the settings, reenable them, hit save and then test the camera again. If it persists please let me know.

And now it works fine!!