2k indoor cam glitches

Hi all, I’m a forum newbie and need some advice. As a disabled guy with PTSD, agoraphobia and anxiety the necessity for reliable home security is even more pronounced. The 2k indoor cam is alternating between kitchen duties during the night and recording two cars outside during the day. For an unknown reason and on about six occasions in the last week the 128 gb SD card has appeared ‘full’ and stopped recording after little more than 4 days. At the time there was only 3-4 gb of storage used. I’ve rebooted it several times and recently the storage section now displays ‘reliable’ after the card is reformatted. The micro sd card is the correct class 10 category and was ordered new with the camera last week from Amazon. It’s essential to record footage for extended periods as both the property and cars are at risk. Please advise.

What brand card did you get? Amazon has a lot of Chinese knockoff cards that advertise a specified size, but in reality it is much smaller. I have seen cards say they are 128GB and when tested pro en to just be a 4GB card with software to overwrite the data so it appears you have a larger card

Yes indeed this happens.
You find those “special cards” at amazon too.
Trying to safe money buying such a “special card” means loosing money.

He should check the capacity and format it with another device.

I’d personally buy another SD card. I’m sure you can find some reliable sd cards at either Amazon or Walmart