2K Clarity, Without the Wiring - The eufy Security Battery Video Doorbell

Hey Anker fans,

The wireless age of 2K has arrived!

Our all-new battery-powered 2K Video Doorbell is one of the first of it’s kind to hit the market. Enjoy sharp and clear live-streaming and recordings without the hassle of complicated wiring during setup.

Not only is the Doorbell now easier to use, but it is also smarter! The upgraded on-device AI keeps your data more secure, conserves power, and analyses for human activity faster than ever.

The eufy Security Video Doorbell boasts the following key features:

  • 2.5x the Clarity: Built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens.
  • No Monthly Fee: One-time purchase that combines security with convenience.
  • Dual Power Options: Half a year of coverage from one charge or non-stop power supply via a wired connection.
  • Expanded Field of View: The increased 4:3 Aspect Ratio gives you the perfect viewing angle every time.
  • Next-Level Detection: Have total control over what is detected through the use of the motion sensor, smart human detection, and activity zones.

Head over to Amazon now to pick up our new eufy Security Video Doorbell and never miss a knock again!

Best wishes,
eufy team


Perfect for our home :house:


Is there any news on when or if this’ll come to the U.K. market @AnkerOfficial? :slight_smile:


I’d like to see this in the UK too


Plus 1 for the UK please :slight_smile:


Another one for the UK please :+1:


Please honour your existing camera system users and release a doorbell-only version that can be integrated for those of us with a HomeBase 2 already! I’ve no need for another HB2 but would buy a doorbell to add to my setup. Thanks


Plus another EufyCam user in the U.K. who would like to trial/use this new doorbell. Thanks.


Awesome release @AnkerOfficial:star_struck::heart_eyes: Wireless doorbell is an great device and reduces the wiring requirements

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Well this is awesome!! I just may have to pick one up.

I tried two devices. It keep get disconnected, then after 24 hours it reconnect again… I have the feeling that in a busy wifi environment if you restart the router each day, that device is unable to handle that. I think it has issue with DHCP handling/renew, and should detect reset/restart of router and do the right thing. However, the software is the best I have seen on 6 other model of doorbell.

Totally agree with what Gazer said. I already have a homebase for the eufycams. Why would I want to purchase this and have another homebase?

Hmmmm I think you need someone who already has the no battery version to do a comparsion video to help people decide which one to go with… :slight_smile:

Or is this supposed to just directly replace the other model at this point?

Our friends in the UK want this :+1:


Aside for being wireless, I see no benefit to this over the original wired doorbell because of the fact that it requires a hub. It is getting close to double the price of the original doorbell as well with the current sale for the original at 109.99 as of this message.

Couple of significant benefits from the hub:

  1. Storage capacity is increased - 16GB vs 4GB
  2. Storage, while still being local, is on the homebase on the battery version - so that in the event a perpetrator stole the device the recording would be retained; on the wired version, that video is gone with the doorbell device!
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Storage is a non issue for me as I can go back over 2 months with the current Wired doorbell. I would assume that storage space would be Shared with any other camera you have using that homebase as well.

If someone steals my doorbell, then I will have to hope one of my two outside cameras will have picked them up. I have the doorbell as a deterrent and so I can tell when packages get dropped off.

Please bring this to the UK soon!!

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Well I’m also hoping the price would be much lower for a doorbell-only version for those of us who don’t need another Homebase!