29% Off Roav Dashcam S1 Amazon Limited Time Deal

Grab a whooping £33 off this crashcam bringing it down to £79.99.
Click the link for specs sand more info.

I saw that yesterday but I didn’t post here as it’s not it’s lowest price, it’s the usual discount. It needs to drop at least £5 more to be newsworthy.

If you look, it will probably go back up soon then drop to a lower price, probably in a week.

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Hey @professor
I don’t tend to track Roav items that much.
Amazon sale prices seem to be bouncing all over the place recently.
But a savings a saving. It may not be the cheapest it’s been but a decent reduction for those who might want to buy now.
I’m interested to see the first discount on the Flare 2.
I don’t expect it to be too much as the original Flare is still selling for more than the new version :thinking:

Pretty good deal

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