2020 Moto RAZR

Motorola announce their new RAZR phone, I just saw Marques first impression of the phone and I got to say I like it.

Let me know what you think

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I really liked my original RAZR phone when I had it about 15 years ago.
The new one looks cool, but I worry about that folding screen!

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Actually this folding screen looks super solid compare to Samsung. First time in a long time Iā€™m tempted to go back to Android

I think OnePlus convinced me to go to android :joy:. We shall see when the new phones come. Depending on what the next few generation of phones bring- we shall see.

I like the form factor, but I worry about dust and dirt getting in some of those tight places. Seeing the screen kind of slide down in to the chin when closing the phone seems like it could be trouble. When I think of a foldable smartphone, this is what I want. $1500, though?

I too liked the original razor but how it works with the foldable screen is a question