2019 The year of the foldable phone wars?

There been plenty of rumors that the who’s who of mobile manufacturers (Samsung / Huawei etc) are trying to snag the title of releasing the world’s first ‘foldable’ smartphone, as in screen foldable…however noticed this on the tech pages today that a little known company Royole is likely to beat them to it…with shipping possible by December 2018;

What do you guys think, will we likely see a battle of the foldable screens over 2019? Is a truly screen foldable phone something you would ever go for?


you know I like the concept of it but I’m not a big fan of it. Feel like one of those cool gadgets and you get tired of it real fast. At least for me that is

Foldable phones?

I had a clamshell phone once, a Nokia 6125. It was a first in several aspects for me:

  • First foldable phone, coming from two Nokia candybar phones
  • First digital camera (for real) - 1.3 Megapixels!
  • First MP3 player
  • First phone with a colour screen

It was in 2007. I loved how small it was. Battery life, as was the norm at the time, was amazing, up to a week depending on the use. It came with a 256MB MicroSD card I promptly filled with music. I later swapped for a 2GB card, and the thing took two minutes just to read the card and show the songs. It had FM radio.

Still, after a couple of years - remember when we held on to phones for years? - the hinge started to weaken. I was very careful, but it still happened.

Moving parts are the weakest spots on any machine. Phones today are way more fragile than they used to be. I’m suspicious.


Meh, I watched the demo and the amount of screen lag and how the screen freaked out about which orientation it was in is a big no no. That company should not have rushed this product as it will make them look even worse in the end. I would rather wait for Samsung or chapple to refine and do it better

I’m with you on this… I bet you only have to bend it slightly irregularity and it will snap or crack…
Good luck getting a case for that…
That said I’m keen to see one…

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In my opinion, this is the next big design change in the evolution of phones. Funny how we went from flip phones, to the iPhone-like phones, and now we are going back to a “flip” phone. With that being said, I don’t think 2019 will be the year. 2020 is much more likely.

It doesn’t appeal to me. By the look of that pic, it looks bulky too. And I think it’s still in it’s infancy stage.

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The next revolution in mobile phones will be the return of the batteries that only need recharging once a week.

You know, like the first mobile phones.

and apparently weighs twice as much as a iPhone X

Yeah, I’m not convinced of the whole foldable phone idea.

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After just upgrading to the Xs hopefully this doesn’t happen too soon lol I do like the concept though.

Yeah this thing is just a prototype. Anyone who buys it is not right in the head! I’m interested in finding out if the one Samsung is introducing next year will be any good. I’m not buying it, but I am always interested in cool ideas that move the industry forward!

Wait a few more years, the technology is crap right now.

Phones need to focus on a hand-sized reliable device. Tablets, lower cost laptops, and HDMI casting devices serve the need for larger displays.

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hahhaha that gap though. Seriously look how unwieldy that thing is when folded. and that’s only for a 4 inch phone factor, when most Current phones are 5-6.3", in a smaller form factor. Not to mention even with that giant gap, you only get 3800mah battery to power a 7 inch screen? and why does the back half of screen stay turned on to a desktop background image when it’s in phone mode.

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Try putting this thing in your back pocket!

If only they could make them as indestructible as the old Nokia 3310’s

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Who would get Samsung’s version???

As mentioned tho, Samsungs version isnt finalized and they showcased it hidden behind a case to protect it from copycats. Either way I’m looking forward to Samsungs version