2018 and why USB-C is still a mess

As more and more people start to use USB c and think it’s the future…it really is, but along with its use comes many problems. As many users know, from early on there was no set standard so each manufacturer implemented what they thought was the way it should be utilized. Then came the problems of cross compatibility and issues with charging or not charging.

It was and still is a complete mess, This Article from androidauthority touches base on numerous issues that have plagued USB-C and the reasons why even today in 2018 we still do not see it as a defacto requirement in new products. And as with any changes, it will always take time for it to evolve and become mainstream. So what do you think is the biggest hindrance and reason why it has not become as mainstream as many of us would like?

I personally feel that it is still too expensive and nobody wants to conform to a set standard that should he shared amongst everyone, in other words manufacturers are ready and want their implementation to be the standard.


Expense, I think is the main reason, why only the TOP HANDSETS have it.

Yet, just like a cob led, it maybe more expensive but it’s a better system where everyone gains.

You may save a £100+ by buying a cheaper handset, but you end up paying for it, as your battery n handset start dieing quicker n you then need to replace earlier… Thus costing you more money in the long run.

I read this article yesterday I think they made a very good point about better more pronounced labeling to highlight the cables features.

It would be nice if Thunderbolt was the standard but we all know cost and length can be an issue. I think clearer labeling and color coding would be a huge step in the right direction.

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Thanks for sharing this article.
At present, we do not develop usb-c cable, it also mainly because it price and popularity reasons.

So then who makes the USB-C cables you guys sell? I don’t understand


I’m taking it as they are not actively pursuing a USB-C road-map at present due to the licensing or manufacturing costs vs. current demand (aka Apple phones)…

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Yes…Lol. You know me.:laughing:

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Apples marketing still a barrier everyone else’s progress then :frowning:

I’ll sit in the corner with my amazing but unfashionable tech that companies only want to make a quick buck from.
Even though I am willing to pay for robust and safe cables and accessories. If noone is willing to make them and develop them, then nothing has really changed in the last 10 years of phones has it?


Sometimes I think companies are just too afraid of consumer opinion to simply “pull off the Band-Aid”. Every transition is hard, no one likes change that much, but when it’s for the best - as is the case - there must be some more forceful ways to foster change. Imagine if we were all still in the era of parallel ports?

It’s a shame Apple won’t fully embrace USB-C, too. Not only they have great influence on the market as a whole, they were also - at least at the time Jobs was alive - unafraid to foster change by any means necessary. I still remember the cries when they removed DVD slots from their computers, and when they changed the connector on iPods, iPhones and iPads. They knew that some customers would be angry for a while, and there’s nothing they could do about it if they want to change. Alas, Jobs is not here anymore, and it seems the current management is not as keen on taking those leaps as he was.

In the end, the tech is still a little more expensive because adoption is still not that great, which causes a vicious circle.

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Here’s another article posted today regarding the next gen iPhone’s having USB-C, take with a pinch of salt though :grin:

What’s funny is that Lightnint and USB-C connectors are roughly the same size and shape:

It wouldn’t make any noticeable difference in the external appearance, and I guess adapting internal components wouldn’t be such a hustle either.

Yet, until an analyst such as Ming-Chi Kuo bets on USB-C on iPhones and iPads, I won’t hold my breath. In fact, I believe wireless charging will be the norm before Apple makes the switch to USB-C in its mobile devices… :neutral_face:


If Apple starts including USB-C to Lightning cables in the box with this year’s new iPhones (I can’t see it not happening), then it would be really nice for Anker to already have a healthy lineup of USB-C accessories, rather than have to wait another two years for a gradual transition. Still don’t understand the very apparent bias toward Apple because other phones have been using USB-C for years, but even so, it makes no since why they’re still releasing audio with micro! Neither Apple or the last couple years of Android phones have used micro! It’s almost like a joke.

Bias is mainly due to them being the ‘in brand’ & market leaders to some extent. Anker seems to be leaning towards brands with the largest customer base, which makes sense but can also become regressive, rather than progressive for some things…

As for Apple dropping lightning in favour of USB-C, don’t see it for at least another year or two, either that or they come in with their own ‘variation again’…

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I guess the bias is fine, but Apple has never used micro-USB!

I’m with you there, but I think Apple will start shipping USB-C to Lightning cables in the box this year (and hopefully open it up so 3rd parties can make them, too).

True with that but they are covering the market share for all the non-flagship Android phones :grin: :wink:

This would be good to see, especially for those in the Apple ecosystem who will most likely have the relevant brick charger to enable fast charge etc due to having a MacBook etc…other’s though will no doubt get the premium tag to buy the brick for the ‘new cable’ they include :laughing:

That’s the comical part with Apple, they often come out with these ‘brave’ decisions and re-inventing the wheel kind things but with a future profit waiting within the folds of their cloaks…

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So what is that?

If Apple leads, then the flagship Androids, then the non-flagship Androids… Why is the priority on the latter? Pretty much Android flagships aren’t feeling the love from Anker. But as a predominately Apple user personally, I am still frustrated by the inclusion of micro USB in 2018, so who does it appeal to? And even then why can’t they just choose from Anker’s existing lineup?!

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The sub $60 market and existing pre-USB-C models in circulation I would guess (which I’m guessing is plentiful in numbers depending on region)

Not disagreeing with you buddy, USB-C capabilities far exceed micro USB and no doubt will become the next main standard for a while (until the wireless craze goes big big), so jumping in now on some ‘flagship’ items seems like a no brainer to most…just calling what I can see.

Exactly. Those options already exist. And plenty of them. We don’t need all the new ones to continue that trend, even at price points less than $60.

Awaiting MKBHD’s USB-C All the Things Pt. 3 (2018) video… likely primarily targeted at accessory makers since most phones are already on board.