20100 Nintendo Switch Edition Apple 30W Charger Not Charging

Just got the Nintendo Edition battery and I’m having a bit of a weird problem. The battery charges with the switch wall charger and apple’s 29w macbook 12" charger. However the 30w apple charger, which I want to switch to for travel purposes, does not charge the battery. When connected the blue lights turn on (not blinking) and then nothing.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea why. I was under the impression that the newer 30w version was closer to the USB PD standard.

PS: I did try both apple’s own usb c cable as well as the included anker usb c cable, and again the 29w worked and the 30w did not.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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When you go to plug it into the charger, make sure all the lights are off and you do not press any buttons when you plug it in and see if it still does the same thing

Just tried it in a different socket, lights were off. Soon as it’s plugged in the lights turn on (3 out of 4 because I charged it a bit with the switch charger) then a few seconds later the lights turn off.

If it helps any (though I dont see how), I’m in Norway.

Also: I tried the 30w one on both the switch itself and my macbook and it charged them both.

@Tank Just got another apple 30w charger. This one did not charge the battery either… guess I’m stuck with the 29 watt.