20100 extremely slow to charge my phone

I tried out my brand new 20100 today, after charging it completely. My phone was down to 14%,so i plugged it into the 20100,and continued to text my friend. My phone said it was charging, but I actually lost a battery percentage. Even leaving it sit for 10 min with the screen off, and the battery percentage would not climb. My note 4 is capable of quick charging, and I thought this 20100 was capable of outputting enough to provide quick charging. I’m even using brand new Anker cables.

Am I doing something wrong?

I would try using other cables to see if the new Anker cables are duds first. And then try to see if it will charge other devices you have using the new Anker cables & then with other cables.

If your power bank is still extremely slow to charge your devices try contacting Anker support for troubleshooting.


Try other cables, try other ports. If Android I’d run Ampere too and see what your net discharge and charge values are.


I did try other cables (just got two new and tried some old ones) with no change, but I didn’t try charging something else. I’ll give that a go. Thanks.