20000 battery

I have a Samsung 10+ with a 5 amp charger. Is it safe to charge the battery with it?

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Hey @bungee67
I also have a 20000 and it was fine charging my mobile devices charger including iPad Pro, iPhone 8 and a Galaxy 9.

It is safe but it will probably take a while to fully charge

Thank you for your quick response. I read that it would take awhile to charge so again TY for your response

No problem, good luck :+1:

Depends on the charger being used
Charging via USB-C -> USB-C is quite fast.
USB -> USB-C will take while that’s true, but it works.

Good to have a PD charging adapter and a USB-C to USB-C Anker Powerline cable for optimal charging experience. Even I need to invest in buying these 2 for my 20000 PD