20% Off PowerPort III Duo Amazon Deal

Heres a reasonable discount taking this dual port USB C 36w charger down to £23.99 from £29.99.



Thanks for sharing.

Anker please read this

I’d have hoped this was a 3 port by now 2 years later. More Nano many-ports needed.


Nice deal thanks for sharing with us.

I second the professor
I can’t wait for a charger with like five usb c ports

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Good job always finding and posting deals

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Nice find @paulstevenewing hope you had great weekend

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Thanks @TheSnarkyOne
Yes mate, had a great one thanks for asking. And hope you did too :+1:t2:

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Yep was out on the water and had some success catching some fresh walleye.

Just cooked it up tonight.

Was down right hot though… 37c for most of the weekend… and not enough beer…

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