$20 OFF on Soundcore Flare mini [All Time LOW]

Hurry up to get it before it’s gone !


Good find and awesome deal!

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Thanks for sharing, even if I don’t approve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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$30 should be their base price lol

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Great deal

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Oh wow. That is really nice deal. Very tempting even though I already have 2 of Anker speakers.

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luckily you don’t need to approve this post :stuck_out_tongue:


No no no. I approve of the post 100%. I don’t approve of the deal (see the soundcore collective for more details)

Great discount!!

Very tempting… I’ve been wanting a Flare for some time. But I’m torn between this one and the larger. Arrrrgh!!!

Unless you need it to be smaller I would say go for the bigger. But wait until it’s on sale for 2 for $60

Nice! I would love one more of these eventually. I think it would be awesome if all Soundcore speaker can be setup in the app to work together and play music at once. The sound quality would be a little inconsistent, but you could fill a home with whole-home music.

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That’s a great idea! may be comes in future, will see

I would love that, but doubt it. My guess is they pride themselves on a uniform sound, which is why a Flare Mini won’t pair with a Flare, that I don’t think will pair with a Flare+. We can hope and dream though! :smiley:

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Nice discount!

The Flare series at least should be able to pair :thinking:

I didn’t think they all would, but I could be wrong. That would be great if they all did. The Flare Mini and Icon do not work together.

Well, that’s the thing… I don’t NEED 2. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the size of the Mini but would like to be able to use their app on the bigger one. Hence, my hesitation.

We should ask this in soundcore forum

But 2 for $60 is the same price as one, so it’s not like you have to spend extra to get it…