2 New Settings Under The Security Tab

Camera update received today 6/3
Added a “Disarmed” and “Customize” setting under the Security tab in addition to the “Home”, “Away” and “Schedule” settings.

Camera Versions:
System version 1.8.9
Subsystem Version

Home Base
System Version
Subsystem Version
AI Version


thanks for the update :thumbsup:

I only have system version I keep clicking check for Homebase firmware but so far it say is up to date.
Everything else seem to be the same.

Hi @Dad4

First at all

… it is so much shameful that CUSTOMERS need to inform other users about new features, functions, settings and update infos THAN THE MANUFACTURER EUFY / ANKER with regular detailed and complete update notes!

And thereby it is so easy for them to bring all update notes with EVERY update right in the app in the news message “area”. Sometimes but very rarely they posted some short “main” update notes there. But first we need them on EVERY update and second not just the main details … we want ALL details!


… it is again a very nice feature/idea/function, but as most times not thought through !

The possibilty to use a “disarmed” setting is nice and welcomed, i would need that very much, if they guy who implemented that would have learned something at college … sigh …

If implementing a “disarmed” feature, why not making it correct from the beggining and adjustable and nice as configurable as all the other settings at this tap?! :astonished:

What i mean?!

You can now disarm the whole system(!) and none cam will motion detection anything!
The correct way would have been to make it adjustable (as on home or away mode) to be able to DEFINE WHICH CAM(S) EXACTLY SHOULD BE “DISARMED”!

Example needed?!

I have a dozen cams running at my main homebase and three of them are protecting and covering my big roof terrace. So when i am going outside and be on that roof terrace it would be nice to easily DISARM only those cams, while all other cams of course should be ARMED furthermore, of course.

And i guess there are a lot of customers who would like to temporarily disarm just a defined number of cams instead of ALL CAMS. And as saying “temporarily”, it would be also “perfect” to be able to define a timeframe how long those defined cams should be disarmed, like 1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes, for example.

Sometimes i really wonder if those who implement new features and settings even think and brainstorm about it, before doing it, to make it the best version possible … :laughing:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport
Please fix/add/improve the new disarm feature as described above. Thank you!
This service and work was free for you … next time i will send a bill :wink:

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