2-in-1 USB-C Memory Card Reader Review

Well built, small, fast, affordable memory card reader

This micro SD to USB-C card reader has a very nice aluminum metallic finish and is about the size of a small Bic lighter it also weights next to nothing. I own a few USB-C dongles with usb 3.0 ports HDMI and Ethernet ports but those can be cumbersome and are more suited for use with a Macbook. This card reader is a fraction of the size and only has SD card readers and much better suited for travel and use with my cell phone to transfer large video files to my cell phone without using the action cam Wifi and battery. The only problem that I have encountered with this card reader is that it is a little too wide and blocks the other USB-C port when used with a MacBook but that won’t be a problem if you have a newer MacBook with USB-C ports on either side. The transfer speeds and connection are both great I tried hot swapping cards and the reader didn’t skip a beat. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small fast card reader that easily fits into your camera bag or pocket such as photographers and those with action cams. In conclusion this card reader has a very premium feel is compatible with a large number of types of SD cards transfers files very quickly is compact and will be a great addition to just about anyone’s tech gear.

Please share how you would use this reader below.

Thanks for reading.

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You are really talking about a problem.
As the sockets often are very close fitted at the laptops
it might cause problems. ( You mentioned a Macbook, I know this)
So a little cord would be solve that.
But this is not a “cool” design and costs material :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review, and I agree the reader can block ports on some computers and laptops. But, this is why I use a dock or extension so i don’t run into that issue.

Great tips @fhassm & @elmo41683 can you recommend a good extender cable? I was looking at the 1.5 foot one made by UGREEN it looks pretty solid.

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I have such lengthening cables from my days at the university.
Those were delivered with a memory stick.
It’s a no name product.
But good to use these with chargers, to charge items with male output.
Much easier to plug in. :grin:

This, I too have no name cables that have come with other products. Um currently using the extension that came with my Roku stick, it works great and so far hasn’t let me down

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