15% Off PowerConf Amazon Limited Time Deal

Miss out on the chance to test a PowerConf in the recent Testing Club event?

Well Amazon currently has a £15 off the unit bringing it down to £84.99 - the cheapest I’ve observed it!

Yes I spotted that when it happened last week. It is its first discount and so I’d say its now normal price. Expect brief lower prices at some point.

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A decent discount @professor
Personally i feel its a bit too soon for discounts.
Not sure if Amazon applies discounts negotiating cost prices with Anker or whether Anker controls the pricing.
Either way, in my mind a discount too soon after a product release devalues the product/brand.

Paul, what Anker does is release the product at a high price for a while, then discounts it to make people feel like they are getting discounts, then run a series of short bigger discounts, usually bottoming out at 45% - ish discount. So for me this first price drop just brings it to what I’d call normal price. I’d expect to see a very brief discount to say £70 then a gap then a price to £65.

So you might think £85 is a good price, I’d see £65 a good price.

Market buying patterns determines how quickly it drops to £65, I can’t predict that, can take a year for a popular product.

You can see a representative discounting pattern for this product.

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Ive spent many years in elecrical retail in a previous life - very interesting and eye opening but wouldn’t want to go back to those days.
Price movement and manipulation, as we know, isn’t new.
I’m sure Ankers trend of early discounting just makes people wait for the price to reduce rather than to buy on release, its certainly the case for me.
I think a company that holds fast on a competative price and reduces later on the products life cycle shows value in the product and the brand.

Nice discount