15% Off HomeVac H11 Handheld Vacuum Amazon Deal

So not it’s lowest ever price, but a discount on its RRP!
£7.50 off brings this handheld cordless vacuum down to £42.49.


Nice price :slightly_smiling_face:

Still happy I picked this up on the first sale :grin:


Good discount

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I was reading about issues.
The outgoing air goes the same direction it sucks.
“IN” near to “OUT” .
Is that true, Neil?

Yes, that’s correct…a bit of a design flaw there…

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Can you post a picture of what you mean?

Here’s a picture of what I was meaning @Tank (slipped my mind) , the direction of the motor air extraction goes in the direction of the input nozzle…

…not a massive issue for most vacuuming tasks but depending on angle held during use, lighter substances could get blown around as your trying to suck them up…will put a review together after I’ve finished the Flare 2 showing the vac in use in different situations (car, carpet, hard surfaces) and with different substances (such as food, glitter, dirt etc)…

In the mean time here’s a short clip giving it a quick test in the front footwells of my car (using crevice tool without brush in play)…better clips will be taken for the review :grin:

Regardless it does pickup quite well (so far) and the filter cleans out easily…now for some more testing scenarios :grin:


Cheers for the update @ndalby
Good to see t in action, looks like it did a reasonable enough job in the car.
You wouldn’t expect it to match a full size vacuum, but for a quick blast to get the worst up it seems to do well.

OK Neil, now I understand what customers meant.