13400 General Capabilities questions

Bought this beauty and I see it has many good reviews. Bought it for the large capacity. However, I am not sure I really understand it completely. Partially, that is due to my incomplete understanding of how all this charging stuff works! Volts and amps. Until now, I just plugged my junk into a wall outlet or car and that was sufficient. However, my grandson is going to Europe to play soccer this summer and he will probably need this. So I am doing a trial run!

I generally get the difference in the two ports. However, the Anker FAQ alludes to using the 3.0 Quick Charge port for compatible devices. Can it be used for any device, like an iPhone? I assume it can, but the FAQ puzzled me.

Is there a difference between the charging profile of the two ports?

I see there is a wall plug adapter that reduces the time needed to charge the 13400. I have a set of power outlet/converter adapters for Europe. Can this Anker adapter sit between those and the unit?

Does it make any difference if I use a 5V or 10V iPhone AC plug in terms of time to charge the unit?

Are there any USB compatibility issues?

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Hi @dsross,
No problem, that’s what we’re here for!
There are actually two models of the Anker 13400. One has QuickCharge, the other does not. You can tell if it does if one of the USB ports on the battery is green.

If you do have the green QuickCharge port, it can be used with your iPhone but it will only charge at normal speed (the phone needs to specifically support QuickCharge to take advantage of it, and iPhones do not support QuickCharge).

The power bank can be charged faster with a 2 amp wall charger. This would include iPad chargers or any of Anker’s wall chargers.
For example:

  • A 1 amp charger (like an iPhone charger) would charge this power bank in about 16 hours.
  • A 2 amp charger (like an iPad charger or an Anker wall charger) would charge this power bank in about 8 hours.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad charger, you’ll need to remove the white Lightning cable from the charger and plug in the black Micro USB cable that came with the battery.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions!