12 volt DC from power bank?

I have a powered Anker 7 port USB 3 hub that I use as the centre of a live music setup.

But instead of the 12v 3 amp wall adapter it came with, I’d like to get some kind of power bank that can put out 12 v and maybe 1 amp of current at the most (the highest current drawing device used is only 300 mA other than when charging an iOS device in an emergency).

Now, in my foolish little dreamworld full of happy surprises I would be able to just connect a USB power bank to a free port and get by with that and a couple of ports. Something tells me though it’s more complex than that since it’s only recently with USB C that power can flow both ways (or so I’m led to believe). But, it looks like there are a couple of ways to trigger 12 volts from some USB ports (the newest being USB C PD gear).

Does Anker make a compact power bank that puts out 12 V? Or do cables that trigger different voltage levels provided by the various USB standards exist? Has anyone tried this or had experience with alternatives?