12% Off Voucher PowerConf Conference Unit Amazon Deal

Only the second time I’m aware of this conference unit has had a reduction.
£12 voucher brings this down to £87.99.

I have one and love it. If you’re interested take a look at my review.


Awesome deal for an awesome product!

Thanks for sharing @paulstevenewing :+1:


Thanks mate.
Hope you are enjoying yours?
Mines not getting much use at the mo as I’m not working re Covid. Just the odd call with Charlie calling his grandparents.

am enjoying it, earlier used the headsets, mostly Strike 3 and a non-anker headset for calls, but now using only PowerConf for all my calls on PC, and fallback to Life Q10 for music :smiley:

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Perfect, good news :+1:t2:

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Nice deal! :clap:

Was £3 cheaper last week.

The patient bird gets the worm.

This rrp £100, 40% discount is a typical good deal, usually preceded by 28% discount so I’d expect a £72.99 then £59.99 price coming. I may buy one then. 50% discount do happen but so infrequently not sure wotrh the wait to save £10, but should not wait too long for £73 then £60.

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I see you’ve checked if the code is still valid.
People who has a need dont always have the benefit of patience.