12% Off PowerPort Atom III Slim 63w Amazon Deal

It’s been a long awaited discount on Amazon and hopefully a sign of more to come.
There is discussion on the obvious upgrade path of making the 18w port 20w.
But if you won’t benefit from the 2w difference this is a good shout. But maybe a little more patience as I’m hoping for £35/36 on this product.

12% knocks £6 off bringing this down to £42.99.


Wrong link.

You meant this one


There’s for sure something unusual about this product never getting discounted. £36 should have happened, even if briefly.

Also 12% off my a***e. They increased the price prior from £46 so its 7% discount. I never post % now just absolute price and try to put in the title so easier to scan to see if new best lowest. Here is its original price before, I take screenshots so I can paste back to keep everything as truthful as possible.

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Good shout @professor
Thats amended - seem to get this issue when posting using the iPad, never seem to happen when using the phone - an excuse to upgrade maybe :thinking:

Agree, the price did jump a few £ over the last few weeks. I don’t get why this hasn’t dropped significantly yet - maybe a drop due tomorrow on the actual Black Friday?
Or maybe they are not upgrading it and leaving it to the normal discount/voucher cycle!

There’s a real danger of over-thinking, humans seek patterns out of chaos. My theory is still one of supply/demand that what is keeping price high is the supply side is scarce as they terminated making any more until the 18W became 20W so running stocks down interim, so as stocks scarce, supply is low relative to demand so price keeps high.

If it becomes 20W I’m wondering what that does to the total, if it becomes 65W (20+30+15) or something else. Issue would be then two products called Slim 65.

Of course it’s possible us talking about it keeps demand up, hence price up.

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I’d love to see an intelligent v3.
With the 20w remaining 20w when the second C ports in use or utilising the A port power reserve.
I would like to see a full time 45 & 20w C ports.
As for the A ports…i don’t really care if I’m honest, keep as a shared 15w maybe :man_shrugging:t2:
Then we would have an Atom Slim 80w!

That would be a good product for many Apple (but not exclusively) users with a sensible output for Mac, iPhone and Pods/accessories
But i think I’m being too ambitious @professor

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I can see why A port should exist for legacy, and they cost about half the per port cost of USB C.

What I’d like to see is if the A ports not used the Watts go to the C ports. It’s silly to take from the 45W port when using 18W when instead should take from unused A ports.

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100% agree @professor regarding the PowerShare.
Let’s see what v3 brings!

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For me the next two major life events would be the virus vaccines make us normal (April?) and coincidentally my laptop dies and I buy another. I’d buy a Chromebook (probably) which would seek 30W-60W (30W = doesn’t discharge, 60W = fast recharge) total and what I plug into the other ports determine that.

There’s those around-the-world type trips to do once we’re all “jabbed”. Last year I did 16,000 miles of tourism, this year about 1000 miles in the summer. Next year…

This Slim 63W is probably the right total Wattage, it’s a good shape / size / weight and the C7 cord means it suits a random varied set of distant wall sockets, what it lacks is intelligence.

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I think it’s going to take more than the vaccine jab to make people “normal” :joy:
The Slim 63w certainly ticks many boxes.
As future takes its course it has the potential to tick many more.
I’m all for this style of charger, single plug outlet with a sensible length cord has loads of advantages.

Here’s something I’ve never picked up on @professor
This discount is only available to Prime members.
Never noticed that statement before!

Screen grab from my account;

Screen grab from Debs account;

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C7 cord included is 5ft

You can buy 15 feet easily. In the plug of the chosen destination country.

So you can make your longest USB-C cable say 6ft, next longest 3ft, and be in total 21 feet from a socket.

I still think the best engineering answer is a 4-in-1 plug design, so

  • 1 . USA slide-on folding pin
    2 UK slide-on
    3 EU slide-in
    4 C8 socket slide-on to which a C7 cord then makes a desk charger

You’d then have one charger which handles all distance issues globally. Add an intelligent 60W distribution, then all situations globally. If the socket is > 21ft then that’s Powercore to solve til socket nearer.

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Almost the only charger anyone would need!

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Great find, we have similar here. Obtained quite recently, :speak_no_evil:

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Thats great @TheSnarkyOne
I’m waiting for a slightly better price as i don’t technically need it, i just want it. :rofl:

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