11s red light blinking 3 times

So I had my 11s plow through a small pile of dog poo. I cleaned up the mess and sponged it off. Now it seems to charge fine and the light is blue as normal, but when I try to turn it on, it beeps 3 times. Eufy support said to check the 3 drop sensors and make sure these are clean. I did and they were fine. The next step was to send them a video. What for? To show them that the red light blinks and it beeps 3 times continuously? I did send them the video and waiting to hear back. So far not impressed with their support. Looking at other brands that might be better made and have better support. Any suggestions?

Give them a break, they just want to verify the info you gave them regarding the sensors and beeping, I’m sure they often they deal with people who want something free (I’m not saying you do). Once they see the video they will choose the best course of action


Below are the Meanings of Indicators:

Off: No indicator
Breathing orange: Charging
Solid blue: Standby / Cleaning / Fully charged
Solid orange: Low power and returning to charging base

Flashing / Solid red + Beeping: RoboVac has an error (this is your case - error)

These are the meanings of red indicator light when it is solid:

One beep = RoboVac’s left/right wheel is stuck. Turn off RoboVac and remove any hair or debris from the left/right wheel.

Two beeps = RoboVac’s side brush is stuck. Turn off RoboVac and remove any hair or debris from the side brush.

Three beeps = RoboVac’s suction fan is stuck. Turn off RoboVac, then remove and empty the dust collector. Make sure the suction inlet is not blocked by any hair or debris…— this is your case

Four beeps = RoboVac’s rolling brush is stuck. Turn off RoboVac and remove any hair or debris from the rolling brush.

Clean the dust collector and remove any debris in suction inlet

You may also contact eufy customer service team via the below:

Email: support@eufylife.com

Livechat: www.eufylife.com

EufyHome app->Help->Contact Us->Feedback/Chat/Call us

sure enough they are now saying that there is no warranty because I bought it on eBay, even though it was in a sealed package. I’m sorry but a product that lasts less than 60 days, in my view, shouldn’t even be on the market. I’m very upset and I’m about to blast my experience all over social media because I think people need to know the way this company operates with regard to their product support.

  • Did you buy the Robovac from AnkerDirect on eBay?
  • Was it a new or Refurbished item?
  • Do you mind posting the Ebay link here on community?
  • Did the item have warranty and return details included on the site?

Usually read warranty details BEFORE purchasing the item, support honors most warranty requests, unless the conditions are extreme.

Sorry about your experience with support. But their warranty conditions are listed and many manufactures have the unauthorized vendor clause in their warranty. Over the years there have been companies that made fakes or vendors that sell broken or used equipment as new. Just because its sealed in a manufacture box from an online seller means its a new product or the vendor has the right to sell their products. I buy power tools that are new and never used but they are returns. The boxes are sealed and never been opened. But they are considered used by the manufacture. They do not honor a warranty.

ALWAYS read the warranty before purchasing something. I found this out the hard when I purchased some tech gear a few years back.

As @Shenoy suggested, I would try these steps. I’ve had to clean up my robovac this way. Mine has run over liquid and not so solid items before and gotten error beeps from it. You may have to get up in and look for what’s jamming it. I’ve had do to deep cleaning on it several times and when I was using mine daily it was constant battle to keep the brushes cleared from dog fur. I’ve had my Eufy for years and I like it for its price. Mine is just dumb model.

Anker and their other companies have a great warranty staff. They cover a lot of things that most competitors won’t. This includes they may cover damaged caused by running over something.

I worked in IT support and customer service support for years. Companies require research and proof that an item is damaged. They will ask you a lot of questions and may ask you to repeat a troubleshooting step even if you told them up front what you already did. Asking for video is standard operating procedure for most companies now. I’ve been asked to provide video of a security camera not working, I’m not even sure what that accomplished that the pictures didn’t show. But they required picture and video documentation up front so I sent them what they asked for. This was another company. It took 30 seconds to take the video and another minute to email it to them. They are just verifying that its truly broken as you described. Sometimes video may help them during the troubleshooting process.

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I’ve heard this to. Someone on Twitter a while back posted a video of them taking a sledge hammer to some tech the manufacture told them to destroy. They were told the manufacture wouldn’t send a replacement until the defective one was destroyed.

Editing the post to keep it to @Dan_Escamilla issue :grin:

Dont know who is the seller and if at all was it a new one or a Refurbished sold by some third party / user selling it on eBay???

So not only is Anker a company that won’t stand behind its products which fail within 60 days, they also have paid writers that post on these threads so that the the integrity of the product is defended despite its shoddiness, while hijacking the topic to take it in another direction, deflecting any discussion of how these are cheap Eufy robovacs that break quickly. The direction of this topic is that I was screwed by Anker with a product that failed within 60 days and that their product support has been simply wasting my time and refusing to provide repair or replacement when a responsible and ethical company would have opted to assist the customer. Now I have a worthless Eufy 11S robovac. Should I destroy this with a sledgehammer and post it on YouTube so that the video, emphasizing the lack of quality workmanship in the product, will go viral? I may just do that since I am so upset with this company for not providing a replacement.

Hey @Dan_Escamilla
Shame you’ve had issues, I’m a happy 11s customer and have been since Christmas.
I think you’ve choosen your mindset and made your own conclusions, which is fair enough. But I think you are missing the points the explanations from support and the members above.
@Element321explanation of manufacturers warranty conditions is an accurate and worthy explanation to your situation.
We all ultimately make of choice of where we buy and who we buy from. Your choices are not the responsibility of anyone else to bear.
As the saying goes in the consumer sector, do you research and always exercise buyer beware.
Wherever your next steps take you, I wish you all the best :+1:t2:

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You still did not answer our questions… From which seller did you buy on eBay? Was it from AnkerDirect?

Disclaimer – i only shared my experience for a return (Non Anker / non Eufy), destroying the product as a requirement for replacement. Any action you take, without approval from Anker / Eufy support, is at your own discretion, and on your expense :blush:

Missed to address this from you @Dan_Escamilla

No one is paid by Anker or Eufy for any kind of reviews or help we members provide on the community. We are only trying to help each other with our experience. I can understand your frustration, but it will not help if you really want it to be addressed.

You are being unidirectional in your comments - not providing details from which seller you bought the Robovac.

Provide the link or details from where you bought the item.

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I have never once been paid for an Anker product or even asked to support them. I do not get paid to be here. Everyone here is here because they want to be and are not paid. The only paid people here are the community manager and a few the staff that support their products. Anker has sent out samples for both everyday people and professional reviewers. As far as I know they have never forced anyone to write a positiveness review on their products. In fact, there have been a few negative reviews from samples given out to review. They just ask you to share your positive and negative experiences with them.

I’ve had my Eufy 11s for several years (I purchased at full price long before their price drop) and like it. Issues with running over things isn’t a manufacture defect issue. Its just something that was left on the floor and missed or animal had an accident. You run over these items with a regular vacuum and you may damage your vacuum. Most companies aren’t going to replace your broken vacuum for running over something.


So I am done with Eufy. The electronics should not fail within the first 60 days after running over a puppy’s small mess. (The electronics failed in my first one, from Amazon, right out of the box - It was a Max 11S and it would stop and beep 4 times right out of the gate. So I was able to return that one to Amazon without the need to deal with the worthless Eufy customer support people,) After two electronic failures, I have lost all confidence in this product, despite its fanboys out there.

Back to my original question, does anyone know of a QUALITY made robovac? I am considering Roomba, Ilife and Samsung. anyone have any experience upgrading from the Eufy 11S to a higher quality robovac?