10w wireless charging pad only $11.89

The 10w charging pad is on sale for $13.99. This price drops to $11.89 when you apply the coupon code “WIREFREE15” at checkout. Shipping is $5.99, but it’s free if you have prime :blush:.

About This Product
Part of Anker’s renowned wireless charging range, designed especially for your Samsung device.

PowerWave Pad provides the fastest possible charge for the latest Samsung cell phones (including S9, S8, S7, Note 8 and much more).

Save up to half-an-hour on your charging time compared to ordinary wireless chargers.

Faster for Samsung
Optimized to match the charging requirements of the latest Samsung devices. A full charge takes 30 minutes less than ordinary wireless chargers.

Universal Compatibility
Works with iPhone and other wirelessly charged devices.

Superior Safety
Certified to work flawlessly with any Qi-compatible phone, ensuring a safe charge for you and your devices.

Case Friendly
Transmits charging power straight through even heavy-protection phone cases.

Slimline Design
The compact design minimizes spacial impact on your desk and adds an air of sophistication to your workspace.

The Anker Advantage
High-speed charging. Leading technology. Join our family of over 30 million happy users, and change the way you charge.


Literally bought one, thanks

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Glad to see me posting these deals isn’t completely useless :joy:

Great price for an Anker wireless charger

Great deal but would that coupon code work in the UK Amazon website?

Not really a deal. :unamused::pensive:

I’m not sure… you’ll have to try :man_shrugging:

It’s a discounted price… that’s makes it a deal :wink:

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A dollar saved is a dollar earned

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Original price is $23.99 so it’s more than a dollar :wink:. Although, it has been at that price for a while…

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Good pricing. I’d go for it but I already have 2 wireless chargers


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Have not got around to doing that yet.


It doesn’t take very long :grin:

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LOL :laughing::laughing: Like your humor

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Already bought 2!