10k Powercore wireless charger

Hi there I own a powercore 10k wireless charger model A1615. When fully charged. Does anyone know how many times will this charge a Samsung S10+

Also can anyone tell me if I sit my phone on the wireless charger and it charges to 100%. If I don’t remove immediately does the battery keep depleting? My thoughts are to place my phone on the charger overnight and was hoping it would fully recharge then cut out at 100%

Any advise appreciated

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Hi @Jdoherty76 your phone should only be pulling power from the wireless charger if charge is still required. If mobile data is doing stuff in the background this would likely take a small hit on the battery and require further charge until it hits 100% again.

Based on the S10+ battery size I would say you would get roughly two full charges (from a nearly dead state) from the PowerCore.


Hey @Jdoherty76
I have this charger and carry it almost everywhere.
When your phone is charged the PowerCore not deplete.
After a short period (can’t recall the exact time) the PowerCore will effectively switch off requiring you to press the button again to reactivate wireless charging.

I have the s20+ with a 4500mah battery (compared to your 4100mah) and I get just under 1.5 full charges.
So i would say @ndalby estimate of 2 charges is about right.
It took 2hr 30m for a full wireless charge.

Heres a link to my review if your interested.


Thank you Neil. Appreciate your prompt response. So are you saying that once the phone hits 100% charge then there should be no more demand on the charger. I was concerned in case once I’d reached 100% that it would have a negative effect and continue to drain the charger.