10500 PowerCore Power Bank not proceed the charging

Dears ,

My Power Bank is not charging it’s stuck on the first LED light indicator for more than 15 hrs

I am using the cable with the powerbank and I used Another Micro USB Cable and I am using the Samsung Note 9 Charging Adapter as wall charger , I changed it also with another Adapter and still the same issue

Any Idea please

For starters your Samsung charger is an adaptive charger that ramps up the output to charge your phone fast, but without the handshake between your phone and charger it will revert to the lowest power output. What you need is a charger that can output and sustain a output of 5v 2a, this will give the best charge and do so faster.

I recommend you to reset the battery pack by plugging one end of the cable into the USB slot and the other end of the cable back into the power supply and leave it for 10 seconds. Then try to use a fresh new cable and adequate power supply


I just bought mine and it has not charged past 4 lights after an overnight plugged into my computer then an overnight plugged in using my phone’s charging cable. I just reset it as noted above. Let’s see what happens now. Should it really be this difficult? And, if so, why don’t the instructions tell you that?

Your computer port outputs 500mAh, which is not enough to charge this pack, even when left overnight. Even Samsung phone chargers will take longer than just an overnight to fully charge it. As i said before you need a plug that can output 5v 2.5a and still with that it would take around 6 to 8 hours to charge fully

It is plugged into my Samsung’s fast charger plug using the usb. I don’t have another plug other than my fast chargers, that has a usb outlet. It’s been 5 hours since I plugged it in and it’s still a t 4 lights. I’m just going to let it keep charging.

Update! It is now 15 hours later and the charger is still at 4 lights. I’m bringing it back.

Like i saod previously, your samsung phone charger is an adaptive charger only for your phone, it reverts to the lowest power output when charging other devices that cannot tell the charger to ramp up the power output. Hence why it is taking so long to charge, you can return it as you choose but honestly you need a proper charger to charge these baterypacks