100ml oil diffuser no longer available

First post, did a search and didn’t come up with anything. Does anyone know why the 100ml oil diffuser is no longer available? I saw it on here the other day, then went to order a couple last night, and they were gone. Wife isn’t going to be happy, I kept putting off ordering them for her. Oops! Any idea if they will be available again? Thanks.

@AnkerOfficial said on another post yesterday that they were all sold out. Sorry , 500 ml seems to still be available…I just checked on Amazon Canada as well and the 100 ml are all gone.

OK I just checked and the 500 ml may only be sold in Canada. here is a link to one on Amazon.com that is 250 ml

I guess the 500 ml is only available in Canada here

Thanks for the info. It appears all sizes are now sold out. Although I see the 100ml diffuser pop up here and there on Anker.com for a brief amount of time. When I go to “buy” it on amazon, it only allows me to purchase one, and says it won’t be available until certain dates. Wondering if they are going to be released again in the near future.