100% volume throughout parties


Just bought Boom and am impressed by its magnitude and clarity of sound. A question, though. Since I plan to use it for some street techno PA, I may need all of its power . If that is the case, can I play techno tracks from my android tablet with confidence at full volume?

Has anyone used it extensively to the max without problems?

I would hope Boom will last me for at least 2 years without rattling.

Have you tried it?
I don’t know if the sound will be fine without distortion when up to 100%.
And remember always : loud music may harm your hearing ability,

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I hear what you are saying. Still, keeping away from the sound source (or turning down) if too loud is one thing that comes to mind and the device capacity of playback of commercial songs over extended time is another

For sure playing loudly will accelerate aging but this speaker is too new for us to empirically know.

You do get a decent warranty for normal usage so hopefully you bought with a free return / replacement seller (e.g. not with AliExpress).

Let us know how it holds up over time :+1:

And let us know how your visit at the ENT physician was. :laughing: