10 port USB charger is singing

Ok so it isn’t really singing, but it keeps beeping when I have all 10 ports full with iPads, and I believe it isn’t charging them. Help?

Is it supposed to beep? I don’t have one so I don’t know. Is it making like an electrical whining sound or is it like a speaker beeping?

Can you tell us exactly which charger hub you have? I’ve had a couple different ones but I can guarantee they do not do anything like that.

So if you think about the whole question it seems to be a joke or troll.

The Powerport10 is a 12A output device so average 1.2A per device, iPaid is a 2A input device, so if you tried to connect above above a certain level of about 6 then it begins to get into the PSU being the limiter. As each iPaid is at a different charge level the mostly-charged will want 0.1A, etc.

I think the joke here is the literal text of 10 ports, 10 iPaids.