1 month old soundcore will not play

I like my soundcore (A3102), pairing issues aside (trying to switch between my MacBook Pro and iPhone is a serious drag), but as of today, my soundcore will power up and pair with my laptop right away, BUT, no audio is coming out of it. Zero. Adjusted volume up and down, both on the soundcore itself as well as the several apps I tried to play audio through, de/re-paired the soundcore several times, got nothing. Shut off bluetooth on MBP and plugged in aux cable: clear as a bell. Unplugged, turned bluetooth back on, nothing. I can hear that it’s on, and I hear a small click when the speaker is first trying to playback, and then again when I cut off the source, but no audio plays unless I hardwire it. Any ideas here? Again, I’ve had this thing barely a month.

Sounds like a problem with the audio settings on your MacBook.
Make sure the speaker is set to output. You’re not the first to experience this problem. Check out this Apple thread


Went through all of this well before writing this post during my troubleshooting process. Believe me, I wish it was that easy.

Well if the problem only occurs when connected to your MacBook Bluetooth your problem must be with the audio settings. If you can’t get it to work with any other phone tablet or laptop email support@anker.com they will be happy to help.

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